Yoga retreat: Abundance and limits

Become your own “inner gardener”!

Enjoy a long, relaxing May Day weekend in the beautiful and leafy region of Durbuy, with yoga, meditation, delicious organic food and encounters with nature. Explore the principles of (your) nature, together with a small group. Three days await you, set in an old farmhouse with a permaculture project and wild garden

Yoga weekend 11-13 Sept in Durbuy: Abundance and limits

Become your own “inner gardener”

Enjoy a long, relaxing weekend in September (11-13*), in the beautiful and leafy region of Durbuy, with yoga, meditation, delicious organic food and encounters with nature. Explore the principles of (your) nature, together with a small group. 2,5 days await you, set in an old farmhouse with a permaculture project and wild garden..

Abundance often features in fairy tales or myths. Just think of the land where milk and honey flow, or the classical cornucopia. But abundance is also one of the principles of nature. Take our bodies, for example: we use barely a fraction of our organs, such as lungs or brain; we have an abundance of capacity. In yoga lore too, the energy of life – prana – is everywhere in abundance.

Limits are also part of every good fairy tale, when the hero or heroine has to overcome limits in order to reach the land of plenty. When we are tired after a long day’s work, we experience the limits of our body and mind very clearly. Nature also sets limits: plants need enough water, soil and sun if they are to thrive. Every gardener knows that.

Together, we will explore the seemingly contradictory concepts of abundance and limits, through the philosophy and practice of yoga. Yoga often works in a paradoxical way: it is not about limits nor about abundance – it’s about both! We will also seek insights from gardening and permaculture, which draw a similar conclusion: only when you take heed of the limits can you achieve abundance.

We invite you to become your own “inner gardener” and explore the principles of abundance and limits with us – with just the right mix of yoga practice, meditation, excursions into nature and delicious, home-made, organic food.

Your hosts Paulette and Nina are both yoga teachers and certified yoga therapists. They will teach you a hit-list of exercises that you can integrate into your own daily life – drawing not only on the heritage of yoga, but also mindfulness, massage (do-in) and healing touch (jin shin jyutsu).

We will also explore limits and abundance in nature, and examine our relationship with our food. Here, Alastair, who is a permaculture gardener, a beekeeper and an enthusiastic cook, will be your guide.

Friday, 11 September 2020, 12.30 pm to Sunday, 13 September 5.00 pm
If you’d like to stay only two days (12-13 September), this is also possible. Let us know.

Jardin Prangeleu, Grand Bru 10, 6941 Villers-Sainte-Gertrude, Belgium

With whom:

Paulette Matkovic: yoga teacher, certified in yoga therapy

Nina Klein: yoga teacher, certified in yoga therapy

Alastair Penny: passionate about permaculture, bees and good food.

seminar & food: 250 euros (2½ days); 200 euros (2 days) incl. VAT
food: including lunches, breakfasts, coffee/tea breaks – organic, homemade & vegetarian food. We can cater for allergies and food intolerances – please let us know what your preferences and needs are.

Not included in the price: accommodation, dinner and excursions in Durbuy region (Friday and Saturday evening)

Staying here: a few rooms are available at the seminar centre, at prices from 40 euros (shared rooms with double beds, price per person) to 50 euros (single room). There are also other nice rooms and B&B options nearby. We’d be happy to help you with the booking.

Interested? Please contact: nina (at), Tel.: 0032 (0)86 34 4892,

* Due to the decisions of the Belgian government and the unknown situation with Corona, we decided to change the date of this retreat, which was originally planned for June.

the idea behind the project

WHY: We’ll nail our colours to the mast at the outset: we see our world as challenged and we’re looking for answers. The planet is overheating, fauna and flora are in peril, and human society is on the brink of disaster. This is unspeakably sad. Yet it is still a beautiful world, a word filled with wonders, albeit a little less full with each passing day.

Solutions we have come to see as real and essential include reducing consumption, consuming sustainably and reducing waste. That also means slowing down our lives to reduce the need to consume. It’s not about asceticism, but about appreciating good things in life which don’t depend on constant updates, less microelectronics, less plastic junk made in the world’s sweatshops. We’re far from perfect and we won’t missionise, but we do believe these things and, we want to live life accordingly. Some things are simply obvious and worth striving for. That is the basic idea that underpins our project here in Grand Bru.

WHAT: The Jardin de Prangeleu is – or wants to be – a productive orchard and garden, a sanctuary for wildlife, a retreat for human beings, and a place of learning and healing – a place for people to slow down. We will offer an increasing number of activities around yoga, gardening and permaculture; seminars on various topics, from cooking and painting, to gardening and nature watching. And we provide a holiday retreat for those who just want to rest and relax in the country.

WHERE: Grand Bru is an idyllic place: on the one hand it seems to lull us into a sense of security: what do the messages we receive online and on the radio about the sixth great extinction mean to us when the forests here are full of deer and boar and badgers, when our garden welcomes so many different kinds of bird, when foxes, hares, stoats and even beavers roam the countryside?