Wildlife video project

Last spring I began stalking the local wildlife with a new gadget: a “trailcam”. This is a device used by hunters to monitor stocks of game, but it also serves very well for amateur naturalists like me to get a closer look at what is moving around in the woods and thickets, by night and by day. Basically, it is a simple fixed-lens camera which incorporates a movement sensor. When something crosses the sensor it triggers the camera.

This lets me capture images (and therefore evidence) of all the different kinds of animal we might think are there in theory, but which we’d never see otherwise. After having admired beavers’ dams and heard stories of racoons, I have now caught moving images of both. (In fact there are far too many racoons, which are an invasive species and pest in Europe).

Wildlife near JARDIN PRANGELEU, August 2020 II (foxes, pine marten)


Wildlife near JARDIN PRANGELEU, August 2020 (kingfisher, racoons)


Wildlife near JARDIN PRANGELEU, July 2020 (racoons, wagtail, beaver)


Wildlife near JARDIN PRANGELEU, June 2020 (beaver, heron, fox, racoon)


Wildlife near JARDIN PRANGELEU, May 2020 (beaver, heron, racoons)

And finally…

…some poetry on the powerlines

Starlings on powerline

Seen from my window, these starlings are a source of endless fascination.

PLAY VIDEO: Starlings at Jardin Prangeleu

(thanks to Erokia/Jordan Powell at Freesound.org for the music)