Surrounded by fields and forests in a small valley on the northern edge of the Ardennes, the Jardin Prangeleu is – or wants to be – a productive orchard and garden, a sanctuary for wildlife and a retreat for human beings, and a place of learning and healing. Named after a nearby field, "Prangeleu" derives from an old Wallonian word for siesta – a place where herders would rest with their cattle after lunch. This chimes perfectly with what we want our project to be: a place for people to slow down and rest: a holiday retreat for those who want to relax in the country, but also a centre for activities around yoga and yoga therapy, as well as gardening and permaculture. You can also expect seminars on topics as varied as cookery and painting, literature and the natural world.

The garden

Why organic - and why this wish for self-sufficiency? It can be liberating to discover a sense of sufficiency, and it’s great to realise that eating locally produced food in the right season actually means eating better. It tastes good and it feels right. And, if you think it through, organic really is better – not only for our health, but for the soil, the plants, the hedgerows and the forests, and for the rivers and lakes and seas.

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Yoga and yoga therapy

Do you feel your life is speeding up while you are getting left behind? Would you like to do something about aching muscles, back pain, fatigue and tension? Do you want to feel lighter, more energetic and more at ease with yourself? Do you aspire to greater physical and mental flexibility?

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Other activities

Cultural exchanges, knowledge sharing; arts & literature, cooking, hiking, nature watching...

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