Whether you have a few square metres of garden or an estate of 100 hectares, there are always things you can do to make your space more hospitable to indegenous fauna and flora. You could plant a hedge, for example, or dig a pond; grow your vegetables in a nature-friendly way. Why not create an orchard if you have space, or devote an area to wild flowers?

After a year of practical and theoretical training with Natagora, Alastair offers skills and know-how to help you take the necessary steps to attract and support a wider diversity of plant and animal species.

Consultant for the management of green spaces (Natagora label)

  • Tailored advice for private gardens, public parks, commercial campuses, etc…
  • Taking stock of what's already there, assessing conservation needs and potential improvements for a greater diversity of indigenous fauna and flora.
  • Design of interventions and adaptations to the enhance the way spaces are managed.
  • Written inventory and report, including recommended approaches and a plan for gradual improvements over the seasons and years to come

Workshops, nature walks and seminars

A small group discussing trees in a garden
Explaining the biodiversity benefts of pollarding trees at a small workshop.

  • Contributions to themed events

Restoring ecosystems

  • Expertise and advice for local campaigns and private projects at landscape scale.

To start a project or to get more information, please write to: biodiversity@prangeleu.be

Organised by the Belgian conservation organisation, Natagora, the Réseau Nature ("Nature Network") brings together public and private green spaces around Belgium that respect and protect nature. Together these areas, large and small, form a mosaic that encourages the spread of biodiversity.

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